Developing Human Resources for Sustainable Chemistry in Vietnam

Midland, Mich - August 31, 2017 -

Recently, Dow Vietnam collaborated with the Vietnam Chemistry Society to organize a capacity-building workshop on “Training human resources to meet the sustainable growth of chemical industry.” This science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program is aligned with Dow's focus on building the workforce for tomorrow. It is the country’s first hands-on, educational project targeted specifically for chemistry students. The workshop also provided universities and education institutions with an open forum to access information and manpower requirements of businesses, societies and research organizations, which would, in turn, result in the maturation of a high-quality workforce to serve industry sustainability. The workshop was well attended by teachers and students from colleges, universities, post-graduate and undergraduate institutes, researchers and heads of research centers and institutes, businesses and managerial experts in the industry.

The workshop focused on four pressing topics regarding the development of sustainable chemistry:

  1. Trends and significance of sustainable development in general and sustainable chemistry in particular.
  2. Green and responsible care chemistry.
  3. Requirements on human resources to meet the sustainable growth of Vietnam's chemical industry.
  4. Integrating sustainability, green chemistry and responsible care concepts into training and education curricula in Vietnam.

The conference featured a number of practical presentations and workforce training on key topics, including:

  • Improving undergraduate awareness of environment protection.
  • Incorporating green chemistry into education.
  • Developing consistent criteria in chemical education across all universities.
  • Boosting publicity of the role of the chemical industry towards industrial development.

“Vietnam is working with educational institutions and industry to develop a high-quality workforce for the future. We highly appreciate the STEM program from Dow that establishes an open forum for businesses and education institutions to have a shared voice in training a high-quality workforce. We hope that similar workshops will be organized in the future,” said Le Quoc Khanh, president of Chemical Society of Vietnam.

The STEM program is one of Dow Vietnam's numerous initiatives to promote community sustainability over the past two decades. Other programs sponsored by Dow include providing Reverse Osmosis water filter systems for rural hospitals and schools, building homes for the underprivileged across the country, improving enterprise awareness of sustainable development and a circular economy, providing scholarships for Vietnamese students, and much more. Dow Vietnam's commitment to community has been recognized by Amcham Hanoi with the prestigious CSR recognition award in 2015 and 2016.