Denise Beachy Elected Vice President of FEICA European Executive Board

MIDLAND, Michigan - September 29, 2017 - - Denise Beachy , Director for Dow Elastomers, Electrical and Telecommunications, was recently elected Vice President of the European Executive Board for FEICA, the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry. Elections were held during FEICA’s annual Conference and Expo.

“It is a privilege to represent Dow at the Board of FEICA, which has been a strategic association for us, enabling members and the broader European industry to remain competitive and innovative,” Beachy said. “My election is contributing to our strategy of remaining an industry leader in the space of Hot Melt Adhesives and it shows that the industry is embracing our contribution to key discussions involving the full value chain as well as regulatory institutions.”

FEICA President Steve Kenny brought his two-year term to a conclusion by stating that the Conference and Expo is an extremely effective platform for FEICA to showcase how the industry supports a circular economy while championing innovation.

“Adhesives and sealants are a success story that contribute greatly to the economy and make thousands of everyday products possible,” Kenny said. “A strong association is vital to ensure that our industry retains the ability to contribute to and improve regional and global development, and to flourish.”