cosmetic pouch techno airless glass

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Techno Airless Glass (TAG) Dispensing System Helps Protect Oxygen-Sensitive Products

Flexible Inner Cosmetic Pouch Made of Dow Surlyn® Collapses Inside Glass Bottle, Extending Shelf Life.

Italian packaging innovator Lumson has introduced a new airless glass delivery system that combines the luxury and easy recycling of glass with the product protection and waste reduction advantages of an inner flexibille cosmetic pouch to hold oxygen-sensitive contents such as cosmetics. As a vacuum pump dispenses product from the package, the inner pouch collapses, keeping contents from coming into contact with air. This enables longer shelf life for products formulated with more natural ingredients and fewer preservatives. After the product is consumed, the plastic and glass components are easily separated, and the uncontaminated glass can be recycled without post-processing.

Dow Surlyn® resins are easily blown into clear flexible films that can be sealed securely with bottle closure and pump components. Formed into a protective inner cosmetic pouch, chemically-resistant Surlyn® withstands a wide variety of perfume and cosmetics ingredients, and collapses onto itself without forming leaks, stress cracks, or excessive back-pressure.