Centenarian Celebrations: Herman Carney

Herman Carney
Submitted by Ed Ballard, Regional Director, Carbide Retiree Corps (CRC)

- April 15, 2018 - In April, we were among more than 60 attending a surprise celebration for Herman Carney’s 100th birthday. As people arrived, they all stopped by to chat with him. Each had a story and a thanks for all Herman had done for the church. He was the “go-to man” for any problems they had. Many mentioned other things he had done for them. There was a real outpouring of love for Herman.

Herman was born in Putnam County and stills lives there. He worked for Union Carbide at the Institute Plant in the power department. He has a lot of memorabilia from his work, and his 25-year anniversary clock is still running. He was pleased with the traditional CRC blanket. I am sure it will get a lot of use.

Herman lives by himself in the house he built on his property in 1950. It’s about four acres along the Kanawha River. He has a lot of grass to mow, a big grape vine and blueberries, which he tended to and shared with his friends. There are stories of harvesting the grapes and of friends he shared all of this with. He suffered a broken hip a couple of years ago, which slowed him down, but he was still mowing with his riding mower. He uses a walker to get around and has a walker rigged on the mower just in case.

Herman lost two wives, a son and a daughter. He still cleans his house, and is a valued reference and resource for his church when maintenance issues arise.