Cartier Flower-Shaped Perfume Bottle Cap

- January 11, 2018 -

Crystal Clarity for Stunning Design

A transparent, flower-shaped perfume bottle cap made of Dow Surlyn®, molded and decorated by Alcan Packaging Beauty in France, adorns the fragrance from Cartier called Délices de Cartier. Used on the 30-, 50- and 100-ml bottles for the eau de toilette, the functional yet aesthetic resin from DuPont was chosen for its crystal-clear transparency, ability to produce thick-walled parts and ease of finishing. A red Surlyn® cap was produced for the 30-ml parfum.

The fragrance from the renowned jeweller and watchmaker is described as “a feminine signature fragrance, with an alluring fruity floral scent that gleams on the skin like a precious jewel”. Such terms are reflected in the bottle’s striking design, a precious object in glass cut and engraved like a jewel. Its color, a vibrant red, is in contrast to the white, transparent flower-shaped cap. The purity and elegance of the flower is enhanced by a red ‘cabochon’ in its centre, as a counterpart to the cherry-red bottle. Further design features include an engraved and enamelled zamac ring engraved with the fragrance’s logo which adorns the cap’s base.

Such were the elements that formed the challenge set to Alcan Packaging Beauty when presented with Cartier’s design for the cap. The first criteria to be met was to find a material that enabled the production of the complex-shaped and thick-walled caps in a single injection-moulding operation, and without sinks marks, yet reproduced the crystal clear transparency of the petals so fundamental to the bottle’s overall appearance. Alcan Packaging Beauty, familiar with Surlyn® from similar cosmetic applications, had no hesitation in nominating it for this challenge. “Our designers were already aware of the virtually unique Surlyn® proposition: glass-like transparency combined with the functional properties of chemical and impact resistance,” is how Sophie Gaspin, fragrance and skincare marketing manager at Alcan, describes the material-selection process. A further challenge for the cap designers was the adhesion of both the zamac ring to its base as well as the polystyrene stone to its centre – another area where, according to Alcan, the excellent compatibility of Surlyn® with ultraviolet adhesion enabled the company to glue both ring and stone to the flower in one operation.