Career Mentoring Program Helps Female High School Students in Fukushima Japan

Fukushima, Japan - January 05, 2017 -

Recently, three representatives from Dow Japan conducted a Career Mentoring Program Session hosted by the TOMODACHI (meaning “friend” in Japanese) Initiative. The initiative is an educational partnership of Dow Japan that provides opportunities to students who are affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Dow leaders presented lessons on overcoming challenges and pursuing their dreams in 90-minute workshop sessions for high school students.

The TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership to support recovery efforts from the Great East Japan Earthquake. In Fukushima, one of the heavily stricken areas of the earthquake and tsunami, there are very limited opportunities for young female students to meet professional women. In order to broaden their horizons and help raise the next generation of leaders, the TOMODACHI Initiative targeted 120 sophomore female students from Fukushima to attend a series of workshops and sessions with professional women to learn about their careers. Through these opportunities, the young women are learning what can be accomplished through hard work to achieve their vision and dreams.

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Rie Sawanobori