Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy launches new carbon accounting project

Dow (NYSE: DOW) and The Nature Conservancy are early supporters of this work, bringing significant global climate-related expertise and capabilities in their respective fields.

“Tangible, universally accepted metrics that quantify, validate, and incentivize innovative approaches to carbon dioxide reduction and removal across the full product life cycle are essential to our ability as a society to protect our climate. Developing innovative and user-friendly tools to align with the GHG Protocol Scope 3 standard would support consistent policies across nations, markets, and jurisdictions and incentivize companies and innovators to collect this value to further accelerate the investment in and deployment of new products and technologies to achieve net-zero emissions,” said Kevin Kolevar, vice president for global government affairs and public policy at Dow, a global materials science solutions provider with industry-leading innovation capabilities and nearly 125 years of manufacturing excellence in products and technologies that reduce GHG emissions and carbon footprint.

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