Avon Perfume Caps

- January 11, 2018 -

Similar packaging ties these individual fragrances into a timeless collection.

The beauty of a prized collection is that each piece possesses an individual charm, while making the collection even more precious. Avon's \"Today, Tomorrow and Always\" fragrance collection symbolizes eternal love. The unique properties of Dow Surlyn® allowed the designers at Avon to create stylish yet functional clear perfume caps which unifies the three fragrances, each of which has its own shape and identity.

Dow Surlyn® is applied to the packaging of the perfume caps, allowing the classy styling of Avon's Today, Tomorrow and Always fragrance packaging to produce a crystal clear appearance through a combination of clarity, sparkle and ease of molding. The clear design of the cap was made possible because of the unique properties of Surlyn®. A leading product in the cosmetic packaging industry, Surlyn® enables cosmetic and perfume packaging to have greater stylistic freedoms. This gives more design possibilities to both the packager and their clients.

\"The capabilities of Surlyn® as a cosmetic packaging solution are endless,\" said Yasmin Siddiqi, Marketing manager at Dow Cosmetic Solutions. \"Today, Tomorrow and Always\" Eau de Parfum is a wonderful example of a product that possesses an utterly elegant appearance, while being practical enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.\"

Surlyn® was selected by C+N Packaging because the Dow resin fosters an upscale look along with the stability that allows for the transformation of design ideas of into reality. Specializing in the design and injection molding of custom designed, packaging components for the fragrance, cosmetic, medical and consumer industries, C+N Packaging emphasizes total product development and seeks the best solutions for packaging needs.


\"The versatility that Surlyn® gives our clients, such as Avon, makes it an ideal packaging material,\" said Brooks Markert, vice president, C+N Packaging, Inc. \"We are very cognizant of fulfilling our clients' design needs and Surlyn® lets us produce a classic look, with the durability and chemical resistance necessary for the performance of the package.\"