Asphalt Binder Information

- January 01, 2016 -

Producing a higher-performing asphalt binder delivers value to contractors and project owners and is often a key requirement for today's more highly engineered paving projects.

Pre-Testing the Reaction

The reactive component of Elvaloy® RET terpolymer has a predictable rate of reaction with a given asphalt source. Pre-testing in a lab helps optimize processing conditions.

With Elvaloy® RET, asphalt modification occurs at a molecular level. Resulting properties are determined by additive level and the base asphalt. Often, it takes only a fraction as much Elvaloy®, compared with other modifiers, to achieve the highest possible PMA performance.

Pretesting the RET reaction in a lab helps modified asphalt producers optimize their process equipment, reduce energy consumption, and supply a storage-stable, easy-handling PMA with \"locked in\" performance.

Design of Proper Mixing

Dow™ Elvaloy® RET is a pelletized terpolymer that needs distributive and dispersive mixing design in order to faclitate reaction with available asphaltenes.

Because Elvaloy® RET is a reactive terpolymer, and because it is added in very low amounts to the asphalt, it is especially important to assure proper dispersion and distribution of the RET into the asphalt. A key requirement is well-designed mixing equipment with adequate power.

Producing PMA with RET

The chemical reaction of Elvaloy® RET terpolymer with asphalt takes place in a heated mixing tank with moderate stirring (no high-shear mill needed). When the reaction is done, the modified asphalt binder has permanently improved properties.

Modifying asphalt using Elvaloy® RET involves controlled feeding of the terpolymer (as free-flowing, meltable pellets) into a heated mixing tank. The product chemistry allows the RET (in melted form) to interlock with asphalt as the two ingredients flow together. Keeping the materials stirred gently, in a heated vessel, keeps the terpolymer locking itself into the asphalt, until the reaction is complete.