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Artificial turf has evolved significantly to become the playing surface of choice for sports professionals. Whether used for soccer, American Football, rugby, hockey or golf, artificial turf has risen to an entirely new level of play thanks to advances in technology which have revolutionized the quality of artificial turfs.

With its complementary and closely integrated portfolio of materials and technologies, Dow has emerged as a key player. Today, the company is a leading supplier of chemicals and plastics for artificial turf components. Dow’s specialized turf team will advise and support you in creating tailor-made solutions for long-lasting and high performance artificial turf systems, offering compatible combinations of raw materials for yarn, infill, backing and shock absorption, whether you require playing surfaces for football, golf, rugby, hockey, a multi-purpose school sports field or a town recreation ground.

In a market where players are dictating the characteristics they want from their playing surface, artificial turf is proving its value to the sports industry like never before.

As a leading global polymer producer, Dow supplies customers around the world with consistent, high-quality raw materials. Dow’s distinguished range of performance resins form the base of its artificial turf offering; they help create surfaces which allow players and athletes to excel, offer excellent protection from motion-related injuries and demonstrate great durability and resilience. These characteristics have placed them at the center of some of the most effective systems on the market today and that have truly provided excellent performance. Rather than simply develop individual components, Dow has created a broad portfolio of materials which together form the basis for a variety of high performance systems.

Our range, carefully calibrated to work together, includes materials for:


Technical advancements in raw materials and types of yarn have helped to create softer, safer and higher quality playing surfaces.

Dow’s yarn grade polyethylene resins, such as DOWLEX™ PE and ELITE™ Enhanced PE, are particularly suited to create fibers that provide the right combination of softness, resilience, and mechanical toughness. The result is a product suitable for play at a professional level, one where players can safely slide, tackle and fall without nasty abrasions and that achieves a durable, consistent playing surface.

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, weatherability and yarn resilience, turf yarn made using these resins is suitable for use at the highest level of professional sports.

Additionally, Dow’s polyolefin plastomer, AFFINITY™, offers yarn producers another resin option in order to obtain a desired combination of mechanical properties, processing ability, and product performance for grass yarn.

Dow Products for Yarn:

DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins offer excellent optical and haptic properties, good tensile properties, weatherability, and tear and impact strength. They deliver higher performance and processability, and provide the necessary durability for high-impact sports surfaces.

ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins provide a single material solution that goes beyond the traditional combination of performance attributes. They offer cost effective answers to a variety of challenges by bringing together the excellent flexibility in resin design for mechanical properties and processability. The resulting products combine toughness, resilience, and resistance to outdoor exposure with outstanding processability.

AFFINITY™ Polyolefin Plastomers (POPs) are versatile polymers designed to provide excellent levels of performance, ease of processing, and value to applications ranging from polymer modification to compounding. Exhibiting high flexibility and elasticity, the resin is utilized to improve resilience, softness, and toughness of the structure.

For more information and consultation for specific requirements, please contact us. You can also download the presentation on \"Materials Science of Resiliency in Artificial Turf Yarns\" - 1MB PDF


Find more information here.


Artificial turf has specific and stringent requirements for its backing. Dow’s polyurethane backing solutions for artificial turf offer safety, comfort and durability on the field.

Polyurethane Backing Solutions

DOW™ Polyurethane backings from Dow increase tuft strength and improve product’s overall performance.

DOW™ ENFORCER™Sport and DOW™ ENHANCER™ Sport polyurethane systems provide a range of benefits for artificial turf, including:

  • Stable, uniform playing field Improved durability
  • Strong tuft bind even when wet
  • Appearance retention
  • Aggressive wear and tear
  • Minimized distortion and shrinkage
  • Attached cushion for added shock absorption and performance

Dow sells fully formulated polyurethane systems to artificial turf producers throughout Europe. Our polyurethane systems can be tailored to address individual customer needs and come ready to use (no blending is necessary on site). The fully formulated systems mean consistent performance of the product from delivery to delivery. Plus, Dow offers fast, local technical support and free on site demonstrations.

To experience all the benefits of artificial turf made with Dow polyurethane backing, European coaters can test Dow products on their own coating line at no cost using a demonstration multi-component mixing machine. The polyurethane coating process not only provides major benefits in the end-product, but also offers producers savings in energy consumption and improvements in operating capacity. The bottom line is increased operating efficiency and an excellent artificial turf.

Dow Products for Backing:

  • DOW™ ENFORCER™ Sport Polyurethane Systems help your turf withstand tough wear and tear, with strong tuft bind and dimensional stability, even in wet conditions. A backing made with DOW™ ENFORCER Sport is the ideal solution for applications where performance and durability are important.
  • DOW™ ENHANCER™ Sport Polyurethane Systems help your turf withstand the toughest wear and tear, with strong tuft bind and dimensional stability, even in wet conditions. A backing made with DOW™ ENHANCER Sport is a suitable solutions for applications where performance and durability.


Sports surfaces as artificial turf or indoor sports floors have seen rapid growth in recent years due to the improved player safety and game consistency provided by such surfaces. A big portion of such performance criteria are provided by the shock absorbency components integrated into such floorings in the form of granular infill or shock pads/underlays.

The selection of such components obviously is a key factor for success. Dow has recently conducted work to develop performance models for different foam systems in order to provide appropriate selection tools. Different foam compositions were screened for their performance in stress response, elastic recovery and creep resistance as shockpads using lab tests in compression along with FQC (FIFA Quality Concept) tests both on the foams and on an artificial turf system. The results of this work provide evidence that shockpads highly influence the energy absorption property of an artificial surface. Sports surfaces with no or non-shock absorbing infill can be designed. Based on raw material selection and foam characteristics, desired performance characteristics can be predicted.

Polyurethane binders and polyolefin solutions are central to Dow’s shock absorption materials. These materials can be blended and adjusted to provide the right amount of give to address the specific needs of the players. ENHANCER™ Sport Polyurethane Systems and VORAMER™ Polyurethane Binders are central to Dow’s shock absorption materials.

By blending them, their composition can be tailored for optimal performance, providing precisely the right amount of give to meet the specific needs of the players. Dow Products for Shock Absorption:

  • ENHANCER™ Sport Polyurethane Systems help your turf withstand tough wear and tear, with strong tuft bind and dimensional stability, even in wet conditions. A backing made with ENHANCER Sport is the ideal solution for applications where performance and durability are important.
  • VORAMER™ Polyurethane Binders are produced with quality aromatic isocyanates such as MDI, MDI/TDI, and TDI and can be used in a variety of applications, bonding together different types of shredding materials such as rubber and flexible polyurethane foams. VORAMER binders can be used also as one component coating films for SBR granules (recycled tires), allowing perfect adhesion to the substrate with a very fast, simple and economic process. VORAMER binders based on Dow’s prepolymer technology and experience, are available in colorless, red and green versions.

You can also download a presentation on \"Shock Absorption Systems for Artificial Turf Surfaces\" (957KB PDF); or the \"PanStadia article on Infill and Shock Absorption\" (750 KB PDF).