Achieve Higher Yields and Cost Savings with Dow VORASURF

Midland, Michigan - June 16, 2016 -

The high-performance non-silicone organic surfactant VORASURF™ 504 from Dow enables enhanced energy efficiency in polyurethane and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation systems. When formulated and processed properly, systems with VORASURF™ 504 can achieve higher foam yield and higher compressive strength than with other types of surfactants; this leads to cost savings for builders, savings for home/building owners and a more sustainable world.

Under Dow's InsulationScience portfolio, VORASURF™ 504 provides the following proven advantages:

  • Higher yield –Systems with VORASURF™ 504 yield more foam and therefore give better utilization of chemicals.
  • Increased compressive strength –Foam with VORASURF™ 504 can achieve higher compressive strength at the same density.
  • More stable emulsion –Emulsion with VORASURF™ 504 lasts much longer than with other surfactants and therefore provides manufacturing flexibility.
  • Easier mixing -VORASURF™ 504 is an excellent emulsifier and requires minimal energy to form an emulsion solution of various polyols and hydrocarbons.
  • Improved synergy –Can be pre-blended with polyester or polyether polyols to improve their compatibility in various systems and enhances their performance.
  • Safety –Special EH&S equipment is not needed to prevent gases from being released to the environment, unlike other silicone surfactants.

VORASURF™ 504 has also passed the requisite building and fire performance tests, which makes it ideal for construction where fire resistance is needed.

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