ABS Impact Modifiers

When producing standard, recycled or filled ABS compounds, assuring adequate impact performance can be a challenge. Compared with other ABS impact modifiers, Elvaloy® increases ABS toughness along with processing advantages.

Using Dow™ Elvaloy® AC resin as an ABS impact modifier can increase ABS toughness up to 300%, while reducing melt viscosity for improved processing, faster cycle times and improved part appearance. (Other tougheners typically increase melt viscosity.) Elvaloy® 1335AC resin (at 5% and 10% level) delivers higher toughening performance at 23˚C, 0˚C and -30˚C.

With Elvaloy® ABS impact modifier, plastic elongation-at-break increases by up to 18%, for increased material ductility. Mechanical properties are minimally impacted, and the modifier works well with recycled ABS, or as a masterbatch resin for ABS pigmenting or other additives.