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Since 1977, Edina, Minn., has been home to Dow Water & Process Solutions, the world leader in providing innovative water and process solutions to both communities and industries alike. Dow's Edina Operations manufacturing site employs more than 600 people, and is located in the Edina Industrial Park adjacent to the suburbs of Bloomington, Richfield, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Hopkins.

Dow Water & Process Solutions uses locally-occurring resources to produce a variety of products sold under the nationally-recognized brands of DOW™ FILMTEC™ membranes, DOWEX™ and the AMBER™ family of ion exchange resins, ADSORBSIA™ media, DOW™ Ultrafiltration and DOW™ Electrodeionization. These products are then used in dozens of applications, making water safer, cleaner and more available; food better; and pharmaceuticals more effective. In doing so, Dow Water & Process Solutions enables success and well-being to both customers and the millions of people they serve.

World-class solutions, worldwide impact. The global leader in sustainable separation and purification technology, Dow Water & Process Solutions is making a clear impact in the world. View the Dow Water & Process Solutions capabilities brochure.

Our People

Dow takes pride in its diversity. With more than 600 Dow Water & Process Solutions employees sharing between them 26 nationalities, a talented, dynamic and growing workforce is expanding here in Edina.

With new and improved training programs, and an award-winning career development initiative, Dow Water & Process Solutions seeks to recruit the best local talent and strongly applies its diversity and inclusion culture throughout the site, to ensure a productive working environment and long-term, sustainable work force.

For more information, please visit Careers at Edina Operations.


Dow Edina Operations: The Element of Progress in Edina for More Than 30 Years

Dow Water & Process Solutions' strengths - global reach combined with local knowledge and deep understanding of community's characteristics, differences and needs - are helping the company achieve its mission of constantly improving what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology, right from Edina.

After the invention of the first DOW™ FILMTEC™ membrane in 1978, FilmTec Corporation opened its first manufacturing facility in Edina in 1981. The company extended its operations within the Edina Industrial Park to include additional manufacturing facilities and commercial offices.

In 1985, The Dow Chemical Company acquired FilmTec Corporation, forming Dow Water Process Solutions to produce innovative, technology-based solutions to a broad spectrum of water needs.

In 2008, Dow Water Process Solutions continued its expansion by securing a new global headquarters at 7600 Metro Boulevard, and by purchasing the 7215 Cahill Road location.

Dow Water Process Solutions has maintained a consistent presence in the region and has strived to create and be engaged in sustainable practices in alignment with the Dow's 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Community Success

Our Chemistry Can Change the World

Dow Water & Process Solutions is committed through chemistry and technology to the betterment of global humanity. It is this commitment that drives our strategy for growth and profitability.

We look outward and see challenges, opportunities and a future full of promise. We invite you to explore our commitments to sustainability and track our progress.

In 2006, The Dow Chemical Company introduced a set of ambitious goals - 2015 Sustainability Goals - focusing our efforts on strengthening relationships within the communities where we operate, continuing to improve our product stewardship and innovation to solve some of the world's most pressing problems, and reduce our global footprint. To learn more about our 2015 and 2025 Sustainability Goals, please visit our Dow Commitments Site. To track the progress Dow Water & Process Solutions is making towards addressing the world's water scarcity issues, view our water videos.

We place a high value on listening to our communities and strive not just to be a good neighbor, but a global corporate citizen. We understand that our promise is our most vital product and through authentic relationships we are building better, stronger, more sustainable communities in the places where we do business.

Dow Water & Process Solutions' corporate citizenship initiatives in the Twin Cities area reflect our commitment to our employees, the communities in which we operate, the products we make and our commitment to ethical behavior.

Our Initiatives

In Edina, Dow Water & Process Solutions uses its unparalleled expertise and influence to support groups such as Habitat for Humanity, H20 For Life, Friends of the Mississippi River, Keep America Beautiful and the United Way; sponsor educational programs and events to stimulate interest in science and technology, including The Works and The Twin Cities Regional Science Fair; and offer assistance to those who help make our community a better place to live, such as the Edina Community Foundation, Edina Education Fund, Edina Crime Prevention Fund, Edina Fire Department, Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People (VEAP) and Edina Police Department.


Our people and company are committed to making positive change through community partnerships, charitable giving and volunteerism. Each year, through The Dow Chemical Foundation, Edina Operations makes significant charitable contributions to local organizations. Additionally, Dow Water & Process Solutions' employees give generously through our company's long-standing relationships with nonprofits, such as the United Way and volunteer countless hours at various organizations throughout the Twin Cities.

More than just giving money, Dow recognizes that our corporate presence is often significant. Therefore, maintaining a strong relationship in the communities where we operate is a high priority for Dow Water & Process Solutions. We interact closely with local businesses, governments, community groups and individuals in order to educate them on our business strategy and practices. By maintaining an open dialogue with community members, we learn how we can best contribute to an improved quality of life in our locale.


Dow Water & Process Solutions' commitment to the security and safety of our sites, products and communities - where we live and work - has always been deeply embedded in our company's culture and our business processes. As we work to provide valuable products to our customers, we're also always working to ensure the safety of our employees and the safety of the plant communities where our products are made. In order to do so, the business collaborates with local emergency responders and government organizations to enable readiness for any emergency scenario.

As a manufacturing site with a comprehensive security plan, Edina Operations conducts practice emergency drills numerous times a year as well as annual test exercises in emergency situations, medical rescues and hazardous material response drills. The drills, frequent communication, emergency preparedness and planning efforts enable all responders to successfully respond to every type of risk.

Dow Water & Process Solutions also maintains close working relationships and coordinates its safety and preparedness efforts with local emergency response organizations, including the Edina Police and Fire Departments.


One of the ways we contribute to our community is to support our employees who volunteer their time and talents to help meet local needs. Through their volunteer work, employees help build partnerships between the company and the community. This, in turn, helps create support for our business operations and helps our local business flourish.

Recently, through The Dow Chemical Foundation, Dow Water & Process Solutions made significant financial contributions on behalf of its employees to a variety of local non-profit organizations. This is just one example of Edina Operations' commitment to participate in substantial projects that create a lasting, positive impact on the Edina community.


Partnering with our communities is a tradition at Edina Operations and an important business practice. Our communities hold our license to operate and their support is critical to our business success. Our philosophy is to invest in our communities and encourage them to invest in themselves.

Since the start of DOW™ FILMTEC™ membrane manufacturing in Edina more than 30 years ago, employees at Dow Water & Process Solutions have contributed their personal time and funds to help innumerable initiatives that enhance the community's appeal and meet local needs.

In addition to donating surplus equipment, materials, products and labor to a wide variety of groups and events as needs arise; Edina Operations provides monetary help to numerous community efforts.

Volunteer initiatives like these are a testimony to our employees' commitment and support for their community.


Positive Trends in Performance

At Dow Water & Process Solutions, sustainability is about our relationship with the world and our contribution to solving its many challenges. We believe that if you want to make sustainability about more than just words, you have to set the bar high. Then you have to measure your progress rigorously, and report it widely and regularly. We call this "fearless accountability." That's why we've established our aggressive 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Local Citizenship

We will collaborate with people in our communities and elsewhere to create a stronger, safer world.

Product Citizenship

We will innovate to improve confidence that our products are managed safely throughout their life cycle and develop products that will make a lasting, positive improvement in the world, from decent housing to affordable and adequate food and water supplies to more effective medicines.

Global Footprint Reduction

We will elevate our understanding of our impact on global ecosystems and work towards the efficient and effective use of our precious resources.

Progress of Edina Operations provides more information on Dow Water & Process Solutions' local sustainability impact.

Progress of Edina Operations

Protecting human health and the environment is Edina Operations' promise to its employees and the community. With that promise, we continue to reduce waste while striving toward "zero" for injuries, spills and leaks. Here is a summary of our recent accomplishments.

As our manufacturing processes evolve, we continue to reduce waste:

  • Our operations have air emission control units in service that allows us to expand while maintaining our minor emission source classification with the MPCA
  • Water system optimization projects are actively being pursued in 2009, targeting 10 to 15 percent water use reduction at our facilities, with additional restrictions being defined for delivery in 2010
  • We are a very small quantity waste generator within Hennepin County

Through process and technology improvements, and the care and commitment of our employees, Edina Operations continues to improve safety, decrease emissions and embrace the environment.

  • 57% reduction in number of injuries
  • 62% reduction in personal injury rate
  • 79% reduction in injury severity rate

In addition, our site is a very small quantity waste generator within Hennepin County. In 2008 alone, the plant:

  • Recycled more than 700,000 pounds of cardboard, which is equal to approximately 6,000 trees
  • Implemented a plastic and aluminum can recycle program, with greater than 10 tons of scrap metal being recovered

It's just one more way we show our commitment to improved safety performance and reduced waste to care for the community in which we live.


We are a diverse group, more than 600 strong, from around the globe distinguished by our shared passion to lead change to improve human life. Our imagination, determination and dedication are driving Dow Water & Process Solutions' growth and making a difference where we live.

Think you share this passion? Then learn more about the career opportunities we offer and find your place at Dow Water & Process Solutions.

Our Locations

At Dow Water & Process Solutions we're more than just a good neighbor, we're also a major presence here in the Edina community. While a majority of our manufacturing facilities can be found locally, our influence extends throughout the state and around the globe.

  • The company's world headquarters and five of its manufacturing sites are located in Edina. More than 600 people work at Dow locations in the Twin Cities area, and our business is the second largest employer in the area, next to the Edina Public Schools system.
  • The 7600 Metro Boulevard location is home to Dow Water & Process Solutions, the world leader in providing innovative water and process solutions to both communities and industries alike. The company's global headquarters and warehouse can be found here.
  • The 5400 Dewey Hill Road site is the manufacturing facility for DOW™ FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis membranes.
  • While innovation occurs throughout the Dow Water & Process Solutions organization, at its root are the 5230 73rd Street and 5250 73rd Street facilities, where scientific research leads to new products and solutions. The R&D function rises to the occasion of solving the world's water and process solutions challenges while managing a business that rewards shareholders.
  • Dow Water & Process Solutions' other manufacturing locations can be found at 7200 Ohms Lane and at 7215 Cahill Road.

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