BEST Testimonials

"I found this experience tremendously enlightening and interactive. You really gave the impression that Dow is a great environment and if what we saw was any indication then I certainly hope to find myself there in the future."

"The talks gave me insights from the inside about what a career in industry is about. This was important to me since I've always been interested in working in industry. The interaction I had with the company's leadership and the level of professional cohesiveness I saw impressed me."

"From what I learned about Dow at BEST, I now tell people it's not just a big company but a really great one."

“The skills that I learned were more valuable than many grad school workshops that I took.”

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to participate in the BEST Symposium. This was my first time to attend such a function and I want to admit that the experience I got was uniquely enriching. I learned a lot about the wide range of stuff that Dow produces, the working environment in the company and opportunity for professional growth.”