Legal Entity Rationalization FAQ

What is Dow’s Legal Entity Rationalization project?

Dow’s global Legal Entity Rationalization (LER) project will reassess Dow’s legal entity footprint.

Why is Dow completing this initiative?

Dow is streamlining our legal entity structure to better reflect our operations and to simplify the way our customers interact with us. After the changes are complete, our customers and suppliers will benefit from a simplified and unified Dow, creating a better end-to-end experience.

When will these changes take effect?

The LER project is being executed in waves beginning in 2016. Your account representative will work with you to keep you informed throughout the process and to ensure these changes are carried out as seamlessly as possible.

As a customer or supplier, what changes can I expect due to the new legal entities?

It is likely you will need to update your records to accommodate the new entities, including the legal entity name and address, tax ID, DUNs and VAT numbers, as well as additional processes related to purchasing and billing. This is not an all-inclusive list; certain customers may experience different changes. Dow will provide the specific information needed to make the required system changes in the coming weeks. You may also notice changes to legal entity names or trademark statements on product labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other documents such as Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

Will these changes affect the existing agreements between my company and Dow?

As part of the project, each Dow business will be evaluating their current agreements with customers and some changes are possible. We will communicate with you if there needs to be any changes to existing agreements.

Will Dow’s service level change as a result of reducing the number of legal entities?

No. A main focus of the project is to create a simpler experience for our customers, who today must often deal with multiple legal entities. Our top priority is to serve you with the highest quality products and the best services available.

My company does business with Dow in more than one country. What will this mean? Will these changes happen all at once?

As a customer of Dow, you may interact with us across multiple legal entities in different geographic regions. If this is the case, you will receive separate communications on the changes associated with each impacted region. We will strive to communicate with you in advance of any changes affecting you.

Are there changes to how I request support or report a problem?

You will continue to work with the same contact and have the same high level of service and response you have come to expect. We greatly value your business and our relationship. We will communicate with you as soon as possible should there be any changes with your Dow contact.

How will information be communicated to me? When can I expect to hear more?

Keeping you informed throughout the process is a top priority for us. In the near future, we will provide the specific information needed to make required system changes. Until then, no action is needed. Your account representative will work with you to keep you informed throughout the process and to ensure these changes are carried out as seamlessly as possible.

Does this change my pricing for Dow products?

This change is not intended to impact customer pricing.

Does the tax status of my account with the current legal entity carry over to the new one?

This change is not intended to impact your customer account in terms of tax.

Are there any differences in how freight will be calculated?

This change is not intended to review the way the freight is calculated.

How will these legal entity changes impact products purchased through e-catalogs?

There is no impact for our customers on the products purchased through e-catalog as a result of the LER change.

Will the regulatory status of the products I purchase change?

The current compliance status for all products will not change.

REACH: REACH compliance status will not change. Different and/or additional REACH registration numbers may appear on the product Safety Data Sheet.

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