Future Dow Suppliers Checklist

This checklist can be used to ensure critical activities are completed throughout the restructuring and intended separations. Please complete each action as soon as possible to ensure timely invoice payment.

If additional information is required to complete the actions, use the resources within the supplier website.

Sign up on the supplier website to ensure you automatically receive updates.  

Add/update customer code information for "Invoice-to" address changes.

Please Note: Legal Entity Names, Addresses and Tax IDs are not changing

Send outstanding invoices to Dow Legal Entity prior to beginning cutover  on April 30, 2019** to avoid payment delays.
Review the Purchase Order instructions and follow the details on the Purchase Order. Current Purchase Orders moving to Future DuPont can be identified on the supplier website shortly after the cutover dates listed above.  
When using Service Entry Sheets (SES), which represents an invoice for Services rendered, work directly with the plant site contact receiving the Service to determine where the SES should be sent. If a SES is sent to Dow's Accounts Payable organization, it will be returned with instructions to send it to the site directly, which could delay payment.

For Ariba Document Automation suppliers:
If the relationship with the Ariba Network Account for Dow’s Material Science Division (ANID: AN01035146220) has been accepted, open Purchase Orders will be cancelled and recreated in the new Ariba Network during cutover. Order Confirmations, Service Entry Sheets, Advanced Shipment Notices, and Invoices will need to be submitted through the Ariba Network Account for the migrated Purchase Orders following cutover.

If the relationship with the Ariba Network Account for Dow’s Material Science Division has not been accepted, the Purchase Order will be migrated using the same procedures used to migrate non-Ariba purchase orders and will need to be invoiced through a functional mailbox following cutover.

The cutover period begins April 30,2019. 

When using consolidated invoicing or scripted invoice, effective post go-live, provide a separate invoice for each division, one for Future Dow and one for Future DuPont, based on the new company codes / legal entities. Use the contact form and PO cross reference for assistance.  


  • Purchase orders issued after cutover (see dates above) will contain the most current information on the delivery to address, legal entity name and address, invoice-to address, payment terms and delivery terms.
  • The purchase order cross reference provides the relationship between the current purchase order and the new purchase order created for Dow. This cross reference will be available May 1, 2019.
  • For payment and purchase order inquiries, please contact the Procure to Pay Service Desk.
  • For strategic sourcing questions, contact your primary sourcing contact or use the sourcing contact form on the supplier website.