Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

July 23 – August 8, 2021

Fielding our team at Tokyo 2020

In collaboration with our customers, we’re delivering tailored solutions that will help enhance sustainability and the athlete experience at key Olympic venues. 

Leaving a lasting legacy

Long after the closing ceremonies, the impact of the Olympic Games continues to be felt in the host cities in the form of its infrastructure. That is why Dow is passionate about contributing materials science expertise and proactive strategies that drive sustainable decision-making and helping to power a positive, lasting legacy.

Construction worker adding sealant to window panels 

For the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, that legacy includes uniting the old with the new, proving that leveraging the latest technologies enables enhanced performance and sustainability. The Tokyo 2020 cityscape features new construction and also Tokyo 1964 venues that are retrofitted with advanced building technologies to help bring the 50+ year-old facilities to the cutting-edge. In both types of venues, Dow collaborated with local customers to prioritize sustainability, implementing the latest innovations in high performance building solutions to better insulate, seal, connect, and protect Olympic infrastructure.

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