Dow Promise Employee Sponsors

The following provides some information on the role of Dow Promise employee sponsors in the Dow Promise Grant program.

  • A Dow Promise employee sponsor is not required to apply for a grant.
  • Dow Promise Advisory Council members are not allowed to serve as Dow Promise employee sponsors.
  • A Dow Promise employee sponsor does not guarantee that your application will be funded.
  • If a Dow Employee chooses to sponsor a project, he/she should review the expectations for sponsors.

Expectations for sponsors:
Being a Dow Promise employee sponsor does not require a significant time commitment. Dow sponsors are simply a liaison between applicants and the Dow Promise Advisory Council. They lend themselves to the applicant periodically for the following:

  • To answer any questions regarding the application process. The Dow Sponsor shall rely on the published FAQ’s and guidelines and the local Dow Promise Advisory Council member to provide answers to any questions presented by the applicant.
  • To pre-screen applications before it is submitted to help ensure that all questions are appropriately answered. With your sponsorship, you assure that the application meets the Dow Promise Grant guidelines.

If a sponsored applicant is awarded a grant, additional actions include:

  • Looking for opportunities to participate as well as encouraging general Dow and AAN participation at one or more of their project activities where a Dow presence is welcomed.
  • Following up with the organization to ensure that they submit the required documentation (project summary) to Dow Promise to show that the funds were used for their intended purposes.