Vietnam 2017

Dow’s 2017 Leadership in Action (LIA) program reconfirms the Company’s long-term commitment to Vietnam as a primary sustainable development partner – with the deployment of 43 employees to Hanoi and Hai Phong. Dow is collaborating with six strategic non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and universities in an effort to enhance the country’s competitive advantage in market and address pressing local challenges for the betterment of the Vietnamese. These partnerships provide Dow a unique ability to further develop relationships with key stakeholders as the company progresses its growth strategy in the Asia Pacific geographic area.

Aligned to Dow’s long-term commitments to advance a sustainable planet and society, LIA intersects Dow’s investment to Global Citizenship; the company’s focus on its 2025 Sustainability Goals; and Human Resource’s pool of top talent and experience to build sustainable communities around the world. Leadership in Action participants become visionaries for new business development in emerging geographies as they learn from experience about the market realities of global communities. In addition, they establish strong in-country relationships to pave the way for business opportunities and market growth.

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Restoring and Protecting West Lake Ecosystem

Partner Organization: Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR)

Sector: Water

Objective: Developing a comprehensive database and presentation around ecosystem of West Lake to help restore and protect the lake as a natural resource.

The Restoring and Protecting West Lake Ecosystem team includes: Arthur Szterenfeld, Alexander Kulik, Summer Min Shen, Christian Krawczyk-Miller, Robert Butterick, Diane Baracaldo and Roseann Blount.

Advancing Citizen Science Model in Water Resource Monitoring

Partner Organization: Hanoi University for Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE)

Sector: Water

Objective: Increasing greater participation and knowledge of local people, government and community leaders about the citizen science model of water resources monitoring, addressing pollution, flood issues and disaster preparation.

The Advancing Citizen Science Model in Water Resource Monitoring team includes: Wilmer Lidke, Cecily Zhang, Nasir Moosa, Ravi Rajkumar Jani, Monica Wan, Maria Rita Perez De Oliveira and Monique Bass.

Identifying Sustainable Solutions for Rural Waste Reduction

Partner Organization: Ocean Conservancy (OC)

Sector: Waste Management

Objective: Identifying and recommending relevant waste solutions for rural waste; creating a behavior change campaign to decrease global marine debris concerns.

The Identifying Sustainable Solutions for Rural Waste Reduction team includes: Alice Tang, Leo Niu, Jaime Adams, Marianne Berthelot, Kurt Hirsekorn, Fallyn Rose Flaherty-Earp, Daniela Duarte, Katsuma Yoshimitsu, Jaroslaw Jelinek, and Eve Serrano

Developing Green Growth & Sustainable Programs

Partner Organization: University of Economics & Business, Vietnam National University (UEB)

Sector: Education

Objective: Developing and revising curriculum relating to green growth and sustainable development for Bachelors and Masters programs.

The Developing Green Growth & Sustainable Programs team includes: Jason Alber, Benjamin Jeunink, Alessandra Mosca, Jennifer Holzinger, Terry Chen, Karim Emad Naguib and Elaine dos Santos Matos.

Enhancing Student Career Readiness Training

Partner Organization: University of Transport Technology (UTT)

Sector: Education

Objective: Enhancing training capacity to better student career readiness through course development in leadership, communication, team work and problem solving skills.

The Enhancing Student Career Readiness team includes: Tami Heilman-Adam, Boonmung Nattada, Thorsten Machts, Victoria Camps, Tlacaelel Benavides and Marine Barasc.

Reviewing Engineering Offerings in Student Career Development

Partner Organization: Vietnam Maritime University (VMU)

Sector: Education

Objective: Reviewing environmental engineering program offerings to support graduate career opportunities.

The Reviewing Engineering Offerings in Student Career Development includes: Hillary Martin, Ruijun Joyce Liu, Sophia Leloir, Rohan Dubal, Oezguer Katak and Kevin Sheaffer.

Leader Biographies

Neil Hawkins
Corporate Vice President, Sustainability Officer

John Kolmer
Human Resources Manager, Global Leadership Development

Nguyen Hoai Son
Government Affairs, Vietnam

Kenny Ogawa
President, Southeast Asia – Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Private Limited

Johanna Söderström
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Tomoyuki Sasama
Country Director, Dow Vietnam

Rob Vallentine
Executive Director, Global Citizenship
President, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

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