Contributing to Community Success

Where does Texas Operations’ money go?

In 2015, Dow distributed more than $1.4 billion locally. Employee payroll and benefits were more than $578 million last year. Dow retirees living in Brazoria County collected more than $90 million in pensions in 2015. Texas Operations purchased more than $685 million in goods and services from Brazoria County businesses last year.

Dow paid more than $73.8 million in taxes in Brazoria County for 2015. Texas Operations donated more than $1.1 million to area organizations last year.

2015 Economic Impact – Texas Operations in Brazoria County

Payroll and benefits to employees:

$578 million

Pension to Brazoria County retirees:

$90 million

Purchased materials and services

$685 million

Taxes paid in Brazoria County:

$73.8 million

Charitable Contributions

$1.1 million

Home Sweet Home

Dow’s Freeport site has more than 4,200 employees. More than 88 percent live in Brazoria County. Southern Brazoria County is home to 79 percent. Lake Jackson is where most employees live (41 percent).

School Days

Sixty percent of Dow Texas Operations employees hold degrees (from 687 colleges and universities). The schools are located in 46 states and 41 countries. The leader in alums is Brazosport College followed by Texas A&M and Houston. The top out-of-state schools are Purdue and Louisiana State. The most popular majors are Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Process Technology.

Safety is Our Priority

In late 2010, The Dow Chemical Company was awarded the prestigious Robert W. Campbell Award by the National Safety Council. At the state level, Dow’s Freeport site recently received the 2011 Excellence in Caring for Texas Award from the Texas Chemical Council.