Progress of Edina Operations

Protecting human health and the environment is Edina Operations' promise to its employees and the community. With that promise, we continue to reduce waste while striving toward "zero" for injuries, spills and leaks. Here is a summary of our recent accomplishments.

As our manufacturing processes evolve, we continue to reduce waste:

  • Our operations have air emission control units in service that allows us to expand while maintaining our minor emission source classification with the MPCA
  • Water system optimization projects are actively being pursued in 2009, targeting 10 to 15 percent water use reduction at our facilities, with additional restrictions being defined for delivery in 2010
  • We are a very small quantity waste generator within Hennepin County

Through process and technology improvements, and the care and commitment of our employees, Edina Operations continues to improve safety, decrease emissions and embrace the environment.

  • 57% reduction in number of injuries
  • 62% reduction in personal injury rate
  • 79% reduction in injury severity rate

In addition, our site is a very small quantity waste generator within Hennepin County. In 2008 alone, the plant:

  • Recycled more than 700,000 pounds of cardboard, which is equal to approximately 6,000 trees
  • Implemented a plastic and aluminum can recycle program, with greater than 10 tons of scrap metal being recovered

It's just one more way we show our commitment to improved safety performance and reduced waste to care for the community in which we live.