Positive Trends in Performance

At Dow Water & Process Solutions, sustainability is about our relationship with the world and our contribution to solving its many challenges. We believe that if you want to make sustainability about more than just words, you have to set the bar high. Then you have to measure your progress rigorously, and report it widely and regularly. We call this "fearless accountability." That's why we've established our aggressive 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Local Citizenship

We will collaborate with people in our communities and elsewhere to create a stronger, safer world.

Product Citizenship

We will innovate to improve confidence that our products are managed safely throughout their life cycle and develop products that will make a lasting, positive improvement in the world, from decent housing to affordable and adequate food and water supplies to more effective medicines.

Global Footprint Reduction

We will elevate our understanding of our impact on global ecosystems and work towards the efficient and effective use of our precious resources.

Progress of Edina Operations provides more information on Dow Water & Process Solutions' local sustainability impact.