Dow Edina Operations: The Element of Progress in Edina for More Than 30 Years

Dow Water & Process Solutions' strengths - global reach combined with local knowledge and deep understanding of community's characteristics, differences and needs - are helping the company achieve its mission of constantly improving what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology, right from Edina.

After the invention of the first DOW™ FILMTEC™ membrane in 1978, FilmTec Corporation opened its first manufacturing facility in Edina in 1981. The company extended its operations within the Edina Industrial Park to include additional manufacturing facilities and commercial offices.

In 1985, The Dow Chemical Company acquired FilmTec Corporation, forming Dow Water Process Solutions to produce innovative, technology-based solutions to a broad spectrum of water needs.

In 2008, Dow Water Process Solutions continued its expansion by securing a new global headquarters at 7600 Metro Boulevard, and by purchasing the 7215 Cahill Road location.

Dow Water Process Solutions has maintained a consistent presence in the region and has strived to create and be engaged in sustainable practices in alignment with the Dow's 2025 Sustainability Goals.