Dow is committed to making our worldwide operations and products free from significant risks to the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, the general public, and to the environment. 

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

The Marlborough Facility adheres to a strict Health, Safety and Environment Policy. This policy is the foundation upon which the company operates its facilities throughout the world.  Each employee is expected to perform every task with this policy as a guide. Our employees are evaluated on their performance relative to the EHS and are expected to take a leadership role. Throughout our company's history, we have taken our responsibility to the environment seriously. We always will.

Emergency Response Team

We safeguard the safety and health of our workers, our neighbors and our community through extensive emergency preparedness planning and an outstanding Emergency Response Team (ERT). 

While we can’t predict when and where an emergency will occur, we can limit injury and loss by knowing how to quickly respond to foreseeable emergency

Responsible Care

The term "Responsible Care®" refers to the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) program to ensure that chemical products are manufactured and used safely. Participation in the Responsible Care Program has long been a condition of membership to the American Chemistry Council, the trade association for chemical manufacturers.

Fundamentally, Responsible Care is both an affirmation of ACC member firms' commitment to protect both individuals and the environment from any dangers associated with their operations and a promise to improve their efforts in this area. Formally committing Responsible Care® communicates our company’s efforts in these areas to the public. As a member of ACC, the Marlborough facility recognizes that we operate at the consent of the public.