Energy and Climate Change Policy

The Issue

Energy is a crucial, powerful and positive engine of growth and prosperity throughout the world. The demand for and production of energy is expected to increase significantly over the coming decades in both industrialized and developing countries. At the same time, the climate change threat warrants clear and pragmatic action - and the world must respond with comprehensive, far-reaching solutions. A global climate change strategy is necessary to outline clear steps toward slowing, stopping and reversing the growth of greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

Our Global Position

Addressing climate change and providing humanity with a sustainable energy supply is one of the world's most urgent environmental challenges. Society's future will be determined by individuals, governments and businesses working together to develop breakthrough solutions to meet the world's need for clean, sustainable and affordable energy.

Dow is working aggressively to leverage the company's expertise in chemistry and technology to find innovative solutions for the overlapping challenges of climate change and energy demand.

Our Goals

As a recognized leader in applied chemistry and industrial energy efficiency, Dow is uniquely positioned to drive change by delivering innovative energy and climate change solutions that contribute to human progress and the growth of a lower-carbon future.

To achieve a more sustainable energy future, Dow calls for policies that:

- Conserve by aggressively pursuing efficiency

- Optimize, increase and diversify domestic energy and feedstock supplies

- Accelerate development of alternative clean/renewable energy and feedstock sources

- Transition to a sustainable energy future

Our Actions

In addition to Sustainability Goals, Dow is taking action on many fronts to create solutions to help conserve, innovate and use energy efficiently. We are developing innovative products and technologies that enable the use of renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation, including DOW POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles, STYROFOAM™ brand building insulation, and multiple high performance polymers and composites that are increasingly used in transportation.

To achieve this transition to a sustainable energy future, Dow is also actively involved in industry leadership and technology globally to bring about significant progress in energy and climate change worldwide. Our efforts include:

- Leveraging the strength of chemistry and technology and unprecedented financial investments in R&D to achieve breakthrough solutions that will slow, stop and reverse the growth of greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

- Advocating for a truly global framework that establishes clear pathways to reduce emissions by all major economies.

- Encouraging market approaches where they are supported by national legislation as these generally provide the most cost-effective carbon management options. However, given the capabilities and political processes within nations, it remains important that each country is allowed to establish its own system with targets set fairly for each industry sector.

- Advocating for governmental policies that generate the most energy-efficient and least emissions-intensive products and processes possible. We also use and support locally available energy and feedstocks wherever we operate.

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