Jack Broodo

Business President, Feedstocks & Energy

Jack Broodo is president for feedstocks and energy responsible for all business delivery for Dow’s global feedstocks supply and trading, commodity risk management, energy and power operations managing ~8GW of power and steam globally, carbon sustainability/reduction, numerous large scale joint ventures in the US, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as optimization responsibility for Dow’s 21 ethylene production plants. He is responsible for setting and driving strategy across these businesses. Broodo is a member of the company’s Leadership and Operations team reporting to the CEO.

Broodo has served in a variety of research, commercial, business and manufacturing roles throughout his 38 year career with the Company. His background includes significant experience across Dow’s olefins and aromatics businesses with in-depth knowledge of the Company’s ability to leverage its low-cost advantage to maximize growth across its global footprint as well as Dow’s investor/owner engagements. Broodo has worked in R&D, manufacturing, logistics, and commodity trading, business development and investor relations.

In 2005 Broodo was named Feedstocks Director USA. In 2009, Broodo assumed the senior leadership role for Dow’s business and site operations in Canada as President and Hydrocarbons Director for Dow Canada. His responsibilities expanded in 2013 to include director feedstocks for Dow Americas, where his leadership was instrumental in enhancing the Company’s position in Latin America as well as supporting the Gulfstream expansion. In September of 2014, Broodo became vice president of Investor Relations, responsible for facilitating dialogue between Dow’s stockholders and the Company’s executive leadership. He moved into the current Global President for Feedstocks and Energy role February 1, 2016. Under Broodo’s leadership the F&E team has expanded trading and risk management into Power, Energy spreads, and Oil, successfully initiated investment in upsteam gas development, and added methanol management to the F&E portfolio, defined strategic plans for all energy sites, and developed a Dow “Global Carbon Envelope” approach to reduce Dow’s carbon intensity, absolute emissions, and drive advocacy to pragmatic “no regrets” sustainability solutions.

Broodo earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University Of Texas McKetta College Of Chemical Engineering, Austin in December of 1980. At UT he TA’d Unit Operations and Distillation classes and worked in the chemical engineering labs for Dr. McKetta.