Global Citizenship

How do you make the world a better place? Through corporate citizenship, we dedicate our time and talents as one Team Dow to challenges and opportunities that connect science, people and community across the globe.

Our Areas of Focus


Advancing sustainable solutions

by using Dow products, technology and expertise for social good.


Building inclusive communities

by partnering with organizations to address diversity-related challenges.


Developing tomorrow’s innovators

by inspiring and preparing a future STEM pipeline for the jobs of tomorrow.

How Does Dow Make an Impact?


Charitable Investments

Charitable investments are one way Dow gives back. Dow gives more than $30 million in grants annually and $1.5 million in gift-in-kind donations.


Engaging Employees for Impact

Employee volunteerism is supported and encouraged across the Dow world to advance economic and social progress in our communities.


Global & Local Partnerships

Global and local partnerships are valued and sought to spark creativity and innovation for shared value.

Dow Company Foundation

Established in 1979, the Dow Company Foundation strives to build resilient communities through strategic philanthropic investments, by engaging our employees for impact and by partnering with global and local organizations to help address the world’s most pressing challenges.